When you enter into a road from AS Fortuna Street, there is a warm light and good atmosphere of a traditional Japanese izakaya style restaurant. You will feel nostalgia from the retro space. 
In the restaurant, you are always welcome warmly by our staff with perfect smile and hospitality like when you are in Japan.
Please relax as if you are in your home.
We are confident that you are satisfied to our selected foods and drinks.

Please try the taste of Japan such as sashimi and tempura of which Matsunoya is proud. Since we get seasonal items from the most seasonal place, you can taste the best foods of each area. And we offer fresh fish not only sashimi but also as sushi. Both price and volume will be satisfied.
松之家自慢の刺し身盛り・天ぷらなど日本の味をぜひ味わってください。 のものを一番の場所から仕入れているから各地域の を味わうことが出来ます。 そして、松之家自慢の新鮮な魚お寿司でもご提供しています。値段もボリュームも大満足。



In Matsunoya, there is a menu that you can feel as if traveling around Japan.





In Matsunoya, we have filled it up with various things that you can feel the Japanese atmosphere because we would like you to feel as if you are in Japan.





From J Centre Mall, 2 min taxi or 7 min walk. Go straight on A.S. Fortuna Street and turn right at the corner of PangPanga (Korean restaurant), then you will find Matsunoya on your right side after 80 meters.

J Centre Mallからタクシーでわずか2分。徒歩でも約7分。 A. S. Fortuna Streetを進み、韓国料理店PangPangaが目印の角を右へ曲がってSacris Roadへ入って、すぐ80m先の右側。

Address  Sacris Road, Bakilid, Mandaue City.
Land Line  (032) 272 9376  (English & Cebuano OK)
Mobile (Globe)  0995-428-2170 (Japanes & English OK)
Business hours Mon-Fri 5PM-12MN Sat-Sun 12MN-12MN